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Presidio La Bahia's Annual Living History Program in 2007 was another success. Scroll down and view some photos from the reenactment.

We would like to thank everyone that attended, and we hope everyone walked away with a renewed sense of Texas history.


A Few Pictures Of The March Reenactment
Grave site of Col. Fannin and his men.
Texians in camp.
Texian in camp.
Texian and his rifle.
Mexican drum, bayonet, and hat.
Mexicans preparing for battle.
Mexicans loading a cannon.
Texians firing their cannon.
View of the crowd.
Texians preparing to fire on the Mexicans.
Mexicans marching.
Mexicans marching.
Girl in Texian camp.
Couple in Texian camp.
Texians lining up to eat.
Mexicans Mexicans marching.
Mexicans marching past the crowd.
    Tejano on watch.
Texians marching past Presidio La Bahia.
Texians marching to battle.
Texians preparing the cannon for a downhill move.     Texians marching to battle.
Mexicans fire at Texians.     Texians return fire with their cannon.
The battle peaks.     Texians firing on Mexicans.
Mexicans march back to the presidio with the Texians.     Texians being marched back to the presidio.
The end of another successful re-enactement.
On to the Candlelight Tour (the night before the Goliad massacre)
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